Date     (note 1) First Minister Deputy First Minister Minister for
Enterprise & Lifelong Learning Justice Health & Community Care Education & Young People (note 2) Finance    (note 3) Environment & Rural Development Communities (note 4) Parliamentary Business Tourism, Culture & Sport Transport (note 5)  
1 Jul 1999 Donald   Dewar Jim     Wallace Henry     McLeish Jim Wallace Susan   Deacon Sam     Galbraith Jack McConnell Environment:- Wendy Alexander Tom       McCabe n/a Sarah   Boyack  
  Sarah Boyack
  Rural Affairs:-  
                Ross Finnie          
20 Oct 2000 Henry McLeish Jim     Wallace Wendy Alexander Jim Wallace Susan   Deacon Jack McConnell Angus MacKay Environment:- Jackie           Baillie Tom       McCabe n/a Sarah   Boyack  
  Sam Galbraith
  Rural Development:-  
  Ross Finnie  
21 Mar 2001 Ross               Finnie  
27 Nov 2001 Jack McConnell Jim     Wallace Wendy Alexander Jim Wallace Malcolm Chisholm Cathy Jamieson Andy         Kerr Ross             Finnie Iain                 Gray Patricia Ferguson Lord Watson of Invergowrie Wendy Alexander  
4 May 2002     Iain                   Gray           Margaret    Curran     Iain              Gray  
20 May 2003 Jack McConnell Jim    Wallace Jim        Wallace Cathy Jamieson Malcolm Chisholm Peter   Peacock Andy              Kerr Ross             Finnie Margaret      Curran Patricia Ferguson Frank McAveety Nicol       Stephen  
4 Oct 2004 Andy            Kerr Tom      McCabe Malcolm    Chisholm Margaret     Curran Patricia Ferguson  
27 Nov 2005 Nicol     Stephen Nicol        Stephen (resigned 21 Dec 2006) Tavish       Scott  
14 Nov 2006 Hugh       Henry  
9 Jan 2007 Rhona     Brankin  
Date     (note 1) First Minister Deputy First Minister Cabinet Secretary for    
Education & Lifelong Learning Justice Health & Wellbeing  (note 6) Finance and various other matters (note 7) Social Justice, Communities and Pensioners' Rights Rural Affairs, Food and the Environment (note 8) Infrastructure (note 9)  Parliamentary Business & Government Strategy Culture & External Affairs      (note 10) Commonwealth Games, Sport, Equalities and Pensioners' Rights Fair Work, Skills and Training  (note 11)
18 May 2007 Alex     Salmond Nicola    Sturgeon Fiona        Hyslop Kenny   MacAskill Nicola Sturgeon John   Swinney Richard    Lochhead  
 1 Dec 2009     Mike Russell                    
19 May 2011 Alex     Salmond Nicola    Sturgeon Mike Russell Kenny   MacAskill Nicola Sturgeon John   Swinney Richard    Lochhead Alex Neil Bruce   Crawford Fiona Hyslop n/a n/a
5 Sep 2012         Alex Neil     Nicola Sturgeon n/a    
12 Apr 2014                     Shona Robison Angela Constance
21 Nov 2014 Nicola    Sturgeon John Swinney Angela Constance Michael  Matheson Shona Robison John   Swinney Alex Neil Richard   Lochhead Keith Brown   Fiona Hyslop n/a Roseanna Cunningham
1. Dates are those of announcement of appointment except that the First Minister's appointment was generally a day or two earlier (see First Ministers page) and the date of Donald Dewar's cabinet is the date it assumed power.
2. Children and Education till October 2000. Education, Europe and External Affairs from October 2000 till November 2001.
3. Also:  Local Government from October 2000 till November 2001. Public Services from November 2001 till May 2003. Public Sector Reform from May 2003 till May 2007.
4. Social  Inclusion, Local Government and Housing till October 2000. Social Justice October 2000 till May 2003.
5. Also:  Planning from March to November 2001. Telecommunications from June 2005.
6. Health, Wellbeing and Sport from 21 November 2014
7. Finance and Sustainable Growth till 19 May 2011, Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth from 19 May 2011 till 21 November 2014, Finance, Constitution and Economy from 21 November 2014
8.Rural Affairs and the Environment only till 23 June 2014  
9. Infrastructure and Capital Investment till 5 September 2012, thereafter Infrastucture, Investment and Cities  
10. Culture and External affairs only till 21 November 2014.  
11. Training, Youth and Female Employment from 12 April till 21 November 2014  
12. Labour ministers are shown in red type. Liberal Democrats in orange type. SNP ministers on a yellow background
13. Ministers whose names are shown in italics have dual responsibilities with a post shown further left.
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